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Episode #: 36

Season: 2

Episode of Season 2: # 23

Production #: 225

Original Air Date: June 3, 2000


Episode Synopsis:

A witch turns Fi into a dog when she tries to expose the existence of animal cruelty at a rescue shelter.

Episode Summary:

In the teaser, Fi talks about mad scientists and what stories made them sound like. But then she brings up a disturbing subject of mad scientists being all around us in everyday life, such as mad vets, mad doctors, and mad orthodontists! She ends with a little warning, "Just think of this the next time your dentist says 'This will only hurt a bit'."


At the Happy Doggy veterinarian, Fi and Jack are in the waiting room with their cat, and Fi is rambling on to a random boy with a dog in the room about that they came home from the tour and as soon they walked in the house, they found that the cat had fleas bad, and so they were itching like crazy, and so they bombed the house, and so they brought the cat here, and so on and so on and so on...

Then Dr. Daily comes out and takes the boy's form, says how nice it is, and says to go back to Exam Room #1. They walk back, and the doctor walks over to Fi and Jack, guessing what is in the carries, all dogs, and when she sees it is a cat, she seems disgusted. Fi says that the coupon didn't says anything about it had to be a dog, but the doctor mumbles that it was an old coupon, but she'll make an exception. She hands Jack the form and says to do it neatly. She takes the cat back.

Meanwhile, the boy, Tim, forgets which room she said, and goes to room #2. When he opens the door, we only see his surprised face and a strange voice say, "Help me!" Tim backs out with his dog, and there is Dr. Daily. She says, "I specifically said Exam Room 1. Bad dog!" She pulls up a syringe, and injects it into Tim. Slowly, he shrinks to the ground.

That night, at the Phillips household, Fi turns her light on, and yells that the bomb didn't work. Then Jack yells that too, and Molly yells that she knows.

The next day, as Jack and Fi are leaving for the vet, Molly says that they're bombing the house again, so it's off limits until that night. They leave and when they get the cat, Fi spots a box with sunglasses that Tim was wearing yesterday. Jack says it's nothing but a lost and found, but Fi thinks otherwise, so she makes up the excuse and says to Jack that she'll walk to Candy's first, and Jack says OK. Actually, Fi stays back and investigates the strange box.

She finds lots of clothes in it, and walks through the door that says "Employees Only"

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