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Episode #: 35

Season: 2

Episode of Season 2: # 22

Production #: 215

Original Air Date: May 20, 2000


Episode Synopsis:

Jack unknowingly goes to a convention for upright teen-agers who are being turned into vampires.

Episode Summary:

Fi begins the intro talking about the history of vampires. She ends with; Are they still among us today, as regular humans?

The MPB is driving down the road. Molly is helping Fi study math. Jack walks in and logs on Fi's computer to "". Jack explains how it began and how it spread, as the OSSN. There is a chapter around the area where they are, and Molly says that they can go. Jack goes to call Gabe and tell her. Molly lets Fi take a break then, and Fi goes online.

Jack is talking to Gabe on the phone. We see a young man look through the window, from the side (the bus is moving...). He looks at Jack and then goes back. We see the bus driving down the street, and the person is no where to be seen.

At the OSSN building, the same man who we saw looking through the window is at a desk with a computer. On the screen is Fi's webpage. Then, a boy named Pete walks up and tells Brent, the same person who looked through the bus window, that the new members were arriving at the OSSN building and the Jack Phillips were there too. Two girls in the group then ask if Jack is the one who logs on from a bus. The other says that he's hot, and the first one asks how she knows. They go off, joking about it. Brent says that's good and then looks at one of the Phillips-Kane band's CD's. Inside the cover, there is a picture of John Kane, Molly, and Rick. He asks to no one in particular, if Jack was more like his mom, or his dad.

Jack, Molly, and Fi are the lobby of the OSSN building. An elevator opens and Brent walks out and greets Jack. Jack introduces him to Molly and Fi. When he goes to shake hands with Fi, he stops and turns to Molly and asks her if she was Molly Phillips from the Phillips-Kane band. Molly says the very same and Brent goes on, like he didn't know, how her songs have gotten him through studying. Then Brent offers a tour and they go.

Brent talks about their accomplishments, as Pete spies Fi. Fi sees him and becomes uncomfortable. Brent goes on to tell them about their next big thing, a blood drive. Molly then asks how they do all of it, tutoring, helping, and still have a life. He goes on to say that it's like their slogan, "Sleep when your old." Then the two girls, Paige and Rita, walk up and ask Brent to introduce them to Jack. He does and suggests that they introduce Jack to everyone else. They take off with Jack to do that. Then Fi wants to talk to Molly alone, so they go off to the side. When Fi walks past Brent, he takes a chance at her neck. Fi senses this and turns around. Brent makes it up by saying he was smelling her perfume. Fi looks at him weird as Pete still looks at her. Fi leaves with Brent still looking at her, and then, his eyes glow! They go back to normal and goes over to Pete. Brent confronts him with liking Fi. Pete begins to deny it, but Brent goes on that maybe they can recruit her. Pete argues that her grades may not be good enough, but Brent says that maybe she just needs a good tutor. He says that it's in her family's blood.

Molly and Fi are trying on clothes, and we only hear them through the dressing room doors.

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