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On September 16, 2000, I had the privilege to have an interview with Jesse Haddock, who plays "Brandon Addams", in the episode "Eddie's Desk", which aired on Thursday, September 21. Brandon is a boy who teased all the time, but NOT the ghost. The ghost(Eddie) that Annie finds relates to Brandon, because they were both made fun of.


Here it is:


Me: So you've played in the episode "Eddie's Desk" in So Weird. How did you get the part and what did you play?


Jesse: The audition was wild it was so fun. I play Brandon Addams, a nerd who gets teased all the time.


Me: was the rest of the cast? I mean, were they nice? Mean to you?


Jesse: They were great! The first person I met was Mack Phillips. She was so nice to me. I was so intimidated because I was a fan of the show and so it was like a dream. Then I met Alexz. She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice. She introduced herself and sat down right beside me. The rest of the cast was just as nice; Erik, Pat...everyone.


Me: OK...that's cool! You met everyone...the Hope Springs High School-Is it a set? A real building repainted?


Jesse: Ok, well its 2 real schools and some sets. But they had to paint them those cool colors. It's neat to see a change from last years dark sets.


Me: Ya, I've noticed that everything seems to be "happier". Where does the show go, (plot wise) deeper in to the season?


Jesse: Umm, all I know is they go back on tour at the end of the episode!


Me: That's OK! You mentioned that "Rhonda" and "Chelsea" were in this episode...what are the people who play these characters like?


Jesse: Umm, they were also nice. Everyone played practical jokes on them. It was really funny.


Me: On the actresses that played them or the characters in the show?


Jesse: Actresses. I think they got to be really close.


Me: OK...sounds funny! what?


Jesse: OK, well, they're probably meaningless if you weren't there, but I'll try...


Me: Oh well...if you don't want to, that's alright!


Jesse: OK...Teagen had a poster of some guy on her trailer door and her trailer was right beside mine, so when she was in make-up we took my head shot and stuck it there. Everyone noticed but her. We had to give subtle hints like, "Wow! That guy on your door is cool!" She didn't even notice 'til the end of the day.


Me: LOL!!!!!!


Jesse: The rest take way too long to explain.


Me: That's OK...what other acting experiences have you done? I mean have you done? Sorry...I mean "have you had"? Oh well, it doesn't matter.


Jesse: Well, not much. I'm pretty new. It was cool because that was my first TV show and it was also my favorite show, but I have done commercials and stuff.


Me: long have you been a fan of the show?


Jesse: 3 years


Me: Since the beginning! Me too...Do you live in the US? If you do, how was it going to Canada?


Jesse: No, I do not live in the US. I wish I did, but I can't get citizenship 'til I'm 18. But Canada's still pretty cool.


Me: Oh, that's cool! A native Canadian...since you're a ghost in the show, do you appear semi-transparent?


Jesse: Not really. I'm not a ghost, I'm a nerd that gets teased and the ghost relates to me. It's sorta the ghost 50 years in the future. OK...and when you see me, I have to say that ALL IS MAKE-UP! I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT AT ALL!


Me: LOL! OK...I won't think of as "Weird as you look"!! =)


Jesse: Good!


[Personal Talk]


Jesse: LOL! OK, I have seen the final project and you don't see me as much as we shot. They edited alot, but am in a very important scene. They mention me too.


Me: They didn't cut the important scene?


Jesse: No, but we shot way more than they show. They change alot in that show. Oh, I have something to tell you.


Me: you know what was cut? OK...what?


Jesse: The cast is so nice, that during the script read through, they can see what they want to change. There was a line like, "Annie, do you want to be normal or do you want to be a loser?" Then, Erik, Pat, and Mack said they thought that line should be changed because it makes it seem like if you're being yourself, then you're a loser, so they changed it. Cool, huh?


Me: Woah! Yeah! Thanks for telling me that!


Jesse: You're welcome. Oh, they all miss Cara too, but they do love Alexz just as much.


Me: I can you know where Cara went to? What her next project is?


Jesse: Yes, Cara signed a contract with Disney to move to L.A. and do Zoog Disney movies and other stuff too. I think that's basically what they said. I don't know the full story though, so don't kill me if that doesn't happen.


Me: Oh really?? That's cool...don't worry... I won't kill you if its not true!! lol =)


Jesse: Heheh.


Me: OK, Jesse. I want to thank you for doing this interview!


Jesse: Thanks for having me!


Me: You're welcome! It was really great to get to know you and to learn about your part in So Weird!


Jesse: Thanks again! And in the famous words of Alexz Johnson, "Let your soul shine."