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This is the script of a Pilot of So Weird. It seems to be a never-televised, short skit with Molly, Fi, Jack, Ned, and Irene. It was shown to Michael Eisner and the Board of Selectionees. Eisner is the head of the Disney company. I don't know what the Board of Selectionees is. Since this segment was shown to Disney to see if they wanted to buy it(So Weird was originally not a Disney thing), maybe they were a board to see if they wanted to buy it. "It" is the rights to the show. There is no Clu in it, so we think that he was not available. This is because this was shown on September 8, 1998. The first episode was shown in January 1999, so the first episodes must of been ready. And the person playing Irene is different. I think this is the same person who played Irene in "Family Reunion", the first aired episode. Maybe this was a quick, get-it-done job. At the end, there are two pages that are the lyrics of the Series Theme. The first is what they used. The last page was what they were going to use I guess. CLIPS ARE COMING SOON, HOPEFULLY!! Here is the script: