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Season 2.2



These 2 fan-fictions are season 2 episodes. "Chrysalis" took the place of "Avatar". "Twin" was always "Twin", but it originally had a different ending.

"Chrysalis" was the only So Weird episode Disney shot down the drain because it had to do with alcoholism, and they didn't want to do an "issues" show.

The original ending of "Twin" was much darker than what we saw, since Cara was supposed to come back for the 3rd season. It wouldn't have ended Fi's journey with a happy sighting with Rick, but a sad sighting, that led on the Fi's season 3.



17. Chrysalis

Jack helps Carey (Patrick Levis, Eric Lively) realize he has a drinking problem.


26. Twin

Fi (Cara DeLizia) believes that a deceased friend is trying to communicate via his fraternal twin sister.