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2.17 - Chrysalis



Jack: Ever have an addiction?  It could be to candy, or toys, or computer games.  But those are all OK, in some sense.  But what if you have an addiction that's bad?  What could happen to you?  Like, drinking alcohol, for instance.  It's bad…but some don't realize that.  Most of those people don't want to realize it, because they like it.  But what if that one addiction…leads to trouble, totally unrelated to the addiction?


          VRMMMMMM!  Carey pulls up to his college dorm.  "This is going to be so cool!  A whole week at college!" Jack says.  "Yeah, but don't forget you're here because your mom's taking a week off, and when you're here, you can't go anywhere!  I'll go to a few classes, but that's it.  Oh yeah...we'll be staying with my roommate," Carey says, very serious, taking his bags.  "OK..." Jack says, grabbing his bags too, and they walk up the steps.

          "Bryan!" Carey yells, when he opens his down door.  "Carey!" a boy says, getting up from his chair.  Jack watches as they do a strange he's never seen before...and Carey then introduces Jack.  "Bryan...this is Jack Phillips...Molly Phillips' son?" Carey says.  "Oh right!  The one you play in the band for.  Hey," Bryan says, shaking hands with Jack.  " your Carey's roommate?" Jack asks.  "Yeah...its good to have Carey back!" he says.  "Yeah...I'm really lucky they let me back...after that long talk with my parents, we agreed to a few more months of real college, then I'll tutor myself with my dad's help," Carey says.  "It's cool you get your own room!  It's really big for a dorm!" Jack says.  "You think?"  Bryan asks.  "I guess you kind of get used to it," Carey says.  "Oh well, let's get unpacked," Jack says, and they do.

          Later that night, the three "men," as they called themselves, are hanging out in the dorm room.  "Classes start in two days for you Carey!"  Bryan jokes.  "Yeah..." Carey kinda frowns.  "Well, why don't you relax in that time?  Here," Bryan says, reaching into their mini-refriderator, and throwing Carey a bottle, "They've been lonely lately, since I don't do that."   Carey looks at the bottle, then at Jack, shooting him "What the heck are you doing??" looks.  Carey only says, "Thanks," opens the bottle, and drinks almost half of it in one gulp.  Carey puts the bottle down, and Jack gets a chance to read the label.  "A tequila...Carey drinks?" Jack thinks.  Then he looks into the bottle...something big and ugly, a worm-like creature, is on the bottom.  Before Jack can say anything, Carey drinks the rest of it.  "Carey!" Jack says.  "What?" Carey asks, putting the bottle down.  Jack looks at it, and sees that the -thing- was gone.  "Um...nothing," Jack says, not even sure himself if he was talking about the bug or the drinking itself.

          About an hour later, Bryan had gone to sleep.  Then, Jack pulls Carey aside, who is getting another bottle.  "Carey...when did you start drinking?" Jack asks.  "Awhile ago...why?" Carey asks.  "Because..." Jack begins, but Carey cuts him off, "'s alright.  I like I do it.  Don't try to control my life, OK?"  Jack backs off, "OK...I'm going to bed."  "OK...good night," Carey says, swigging the drink.

          Early next morning, Jack wakes up to find Carey on the floor, sleeping.  In his hand is another tequila.  Jack looks around...there are seven more bottles laying around.  "Oh no..." Jack thinks, and gets ready for the day.

          After asking Bryan where the library was, Jack goes there and gets online on one of the computers.  He goes to "Fi's So Weird Webpage," and goes down to the button "Let's Talk."  He clicks it, and it asks him to choose the user:







He clicks his name, and types in his password.  "OSSN."  "I need to change that," he thinks.  It logs him in, and goes into his e-mail.  He clicks "Compose," and in the "To:" box types ""  Then he writes:


Hey mom

College life is great...I think.  Carey...


He pauses, and presses backspace:


Hey mom

College life is great...I think.  I have a friend...


He pauses again, presses backspace, and writes again:


Hey mom

College life is great...I think.  Carey has a friend who has a drinking problem.  Just wondering...what should I do about it?  I probably don't have much experience in this, but at least try to, OK?  Thanks.




He clicks "Send."  Before he logs off, though, the "Instagab" window pops up.  It is Fi.

Hey Jack! How's college?



Good...I guess. Hey...can you do me a favor?

Maybe...what is it?



Tell mom to check her e-mail.

LOL! Jack! You know mom hasn't checked her e-mail since last Christmas!



Well...tell her to read the latest one from's IMPORTANT!

OK...I'll tell her.   



Thanks Fi. Oh Carey's friend is here to get me. I have to go. C ya!

OK...bye Jack!      




And Jack's side goes blank.

          "Carey has a problem," Bryan says, walking to the dorm with Jack.  "How bad is it?" Jack asks.  "Well, I didn't think it was too wasn't when he left..." he begins.  "But you GAVE him one as soon as we got here!" Jack says.  "I know...thats because I didn't know it was this bad...when I woke up, after you, and saw what was there, I realized what was happening," Bryan says.  "Well, what do we do?" Jack asks.  "I dunno...but we have to think fast.  And we have to convince him he even has a problem first..." Bryan says.  "Well, it's not going to be easy," Jack says.  "No it's it's not."

          Later that afternoon, Jack is back in the library, checking his e-mail.  "Yes!  Mom wrote back!" he says a little too loud, which he realizes when everyone is staring at him.  He just shrugs and says, "I...don't go here."  Everyone just shrugs back and goes back to what they were doing.  "Weird..." Jack thinks, and goes back to his e-mail.  Molly had wrote back,



I really don't know what to say to you.  But from what I can tell, first, let the person know they have a problem.  Then from there, seek help, and it should work itself out.





          "Send," Molly clicks.  She sits back in her chair and frowns.  She gets up, though, and continues making dinner.  Irene and Ned walk in.  "Something smells good!" Irene says.  Ned takes a big whiff, "Oh yeah it does!"  Molly laughs, "Thanks you guys.  Fi's over at Candy's, so I hope she's home in time."  "Don't are the boys up at college?" Irene asks.  "Seems to be doing good...but it also seems that Carey has a friend that...that's an alcoholic," Molly says.  "What?" Irene asks.  "Well, I offered to help, but he seemed to want to be on his own, so..." Molly says.  Ned goes to comfort her, "You OK?  I mean, about it?"  "Yeah...don't worry," Molly says, "I'll just finish making dinner here.  You guys can whatever.  I'll call you when it's ready."  "'re sure you're OK?" Irene double checks.  "Yeah..." Molly says.  "OK, then," she says, and they walk into the next room.  "You have new e-mail.  You have new e-mail."  Molly walks over to Fi's computer.  Who could this be from.  She reads the address.  "Rebecca..." Molly whispers, and hurridly sits down, opening the e-mail.

          Jack and Bryan walk into the dorm room, to see Carey still drinking.  "Carey!" Bryan yells, and rips the bottle out of his hand.  "A...H...hey!" he says, obviously drunk.  "'re drunk!" Jack says, sitting him down on the bed.  Then, Jack springs back up as Carey sits on the bed.  "Woah...I think you've had enough Carey..." Jack says.  "What?" Bryan asks, turning around, and gasps at what he sees.  Carey has a strange line of scaly-fuzz growing up each side of his arms.  "What is that?" Jack mumbles.  Carey looks down at his arms, then looks up and yells "Ole!"

          " are you?  I'm fine...and I'm sorry about last time," Molly reads, "Last time?"



How are you?  I'm fine...and I'm sorry about last time.  If you were wondering...I WAS the girl you saw.  I can't explain it, and I have to be parents would kill me if they even catch me talking to you!  I'm sorry...but I really wanted to talk to you.  So how are you?  I just really wanted to talk to you.  Please don't ask me about all that has happened?  Again, I'm sorry...I just wanted to apologize for last time.




"Rebecca..." Molly gasps.  She slowly moves the mouse and clicks "Reply."



I'm so...confused.  But I'll respect your wishes, and won't ask what all has happened.  Jack's at college with Carey...and Carey has a friend who has a alcohol problem.  It brought me...back to my teenage years.  After you left...alot of things just didn't seem to go right.  Everything seemed to fail for me.  So I turned to a few drinks.  That turned into alot of drinks.  I was even an alcoholic when I met Rick.  I was still one when I had Jack...but he turned out OK...fortunately.  That's what slowed me down...I went to the CoA(Companion of Alcoholics) and was cured after some time.  But before Rick convinced me to go, there were alot of problems...and time.  I went almost just before I became pregnant with Fi.  My parents really hated it...but they didn't do anything...'cause I didn't let them.  That's when my dad became really upset with me...seemingly for life...but it's OK now.  I moved out and lived with friends...I never went to college.  I started my solo career.  Then I met Rick...he didn't care I was an first.  It became worse as we began touring, and I couldn't keep up.  I thought drinking would solve everything.  Rick and I almost divorced...split up...but something kept us together...I don't know what.  I still don't know what.  Rick and I would have terrible fights.  I hated them...but I couldn't help it.  Heh heh...sometimes you could see us giving each other glares on stage.  John, the 3rd member of our band, tried to stay out of the way, and he did.  He almost seemed like he didn't even try to get involved...he was too close to his music.  My parents never supported me...until I went to CoA.  But even then, only my mother turned completely around for me.  My father just wouldn't accept me anymore.  But, like I said, it's all OK now.  You know my song “In the Darkness?”  It’s based on the 12-Step program at CoA.  You know, 12-‘steps’ in the song?  And the fifth step, in both.  The most important, for me anyway.


Live my life in one straight line

The future ahead and the past behind

Don't wanna go back to yesterday

But I don't know how long I can run this way.


It’s all there.  ‘Yesterday’, was my drinking…and Rick’s…hobby.  I think I can stay past the drinking part.  But Rick’s hobby…I don’t know.  Fi…she might…continue it for him.  And I worry…that I might lose her.  Heh heh, I’m just drowning you in my sorrows.  It's been good talking to you.  And I hope you continue to live your well as you can.

Love, Molly.

          "Carey!" Jack and Bryan yell, running into their room.  Jack has sprouted seemingly wings on his arms.  He has become REALLY bloated, and the wings are morphing bigger and bigger at an alarming rate.  "Carey...what's going on?" Jack asks.  Bryan pulls Jack back, "I don't know what's going on...but we need help.  And I'm going to get it!" and he runs outside.  "Carey...Carey!" Jack yells, as Carey begins to sprout anntenae and the wings grow bigger.  Bryan runs back in, only to be horrified with Carey's latest changes.  "Have you found help yet?" Jack asks.  "No...I just had to check on him!" Bryan yells, and runs back out.  "Jack...Jacky-poo.  Come here!  Give me a big nice sun-shiny day hug!" Carey says, more drunk than ever.  Then, Jack runs to the edge of the room as Carey expands even more, and his arms become part of his body.  The wings take form, and Carey looks like a huge butterfly!  Then...BBBBRRRRRRAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKK!  Jack covers his face as Carey makes the biggest burp Jack's heard.  Jack looks up and sees Carey laying unconscious on the bed, looking normal.  But Jack rushes over when he sees a very strange, but very beautiful-looking butterfly crawl out his mouth.  It flies away, out the window.  Bryan runs in with a nurse then, only to see Carey laying on the bed.  The nurse runs over to him and starts checking him out.  "What happened?" Bryan asks.  Jack smiles, "You wouldn't believe it."

          VRRRMMM!  Jack pulls up with Carey, half-asleep, in the passenger seat.  "Carey!" Irene yells, running out of the Phillips' house.  Ned and Molly follow.  Irene helps Carey in, as does Ned.  Molly sees Jack just sitting in the car, thinking.  She climbs in.  "Hey...what's up?" she asks.  "Just thinking...about Carey..."  "What about?"  "Well, the first drink I saw him have had a the bottom of it.  Then Carey started to was weird."  "Huh?" Molly asks, confused.  "Well, his body sprouted weird appendeges..."  "Honey, I've drunk before, and that's not what..." Molly stops cold.  "What?" Jack asks.  "Might as well tell you.  I DID drink...before you.  I had a problem too..."  "So you DID know something about Carey's problem."  "Yeah...but I just...didn't want to tell you.  I thought you didn't need to know."  "Yeah...but why didn't you just tell me it was Carey?  We could have gotten help alot quicker," Molly points out.  Jack remembers what happened, "Well...I might as well tell YOU my whole story..." Jack begins, and tells Molly about Carey.  About how the worm-thing was really a strange caterpillar.  How it was still alive in the alcohol.  How it used Carey's body for its cocoon.  How Carey changed.  And how Carey burped it up.  At the end, "Well...that's interesting...but...I don't believe it," Molly says, lying, but not letting Jack know it.  "That's alright mom...that's alright," Jack says.  “You know…Rebecca e-mailed me while you were gone,” Molly says after a moment of silence.  “The one from the song?” Jack asks.  “Yeah,” Molly says, “And I can’t stop thinking about her now…and how she got my address…”  She just shakes her head.  Jack hugs her.  But as soon as they break apart, Jack flashes to a vision…when he was in the library at the college, he sees Rebecca walking behind him, watching him login.  Then he comes out of it.  He shakes his head, as Molly asks, “You OK?”  “Yeah…just, tired I guess..." Jack mumbles.  “OK,” Molly says, and runs inside.

          "Well, bye!  Good luck!" Ned, Irene, and Jack yell to Molly and Carey, going to CoA.  "Thanks!  Bye!" Molly yells, and they pull off.  "I guess Carey finally confronted his fears.  After we told him about Molly, he decided to ask her for help.  I know he's doing the right thing," Irene asks.  "I know so honey, I know so..." Ned says, hugging her, and they walk inside.  In the car..."So Carey?  You ready for CoA?" Molly asks.  ", that must have been the worst binge I've EVER had!" he says, still rubbing his head.  Molly only laughs, but that smile turns to a she thinks about what Jack said.