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2.26 - Twin (Ending)


Regular text – the episode story

Bold text – the song


<The rest of the episode, before this scene, is the same.>


…Judy begins the intro on the keyboard.


It’s dark outside

And the baby’s asleep

You’re going for a ride


Why is it black?

What is this tingle on the back of my neck?


It’s cold outside

And the fire’s burned out


Fi and Rachel get on the elevator


You’re going for a ride

Fi looks at Rachel.  Rachel nods at her.  Fi presses the “Roof” button.


What is this dying ember?

What is it I’m trying to remember?


Don’t go

Don’t go


The door closes as they go up.


Walking down the sidewalk


Jack walks down a sidewalk in downtown New York.


In New York city snow


He stops in front of a building, checking the number with Fi’s paper.


A stranger brushed against us

His face was all in shadow


Jack sees the symbols on the wall, and walks in the building.


A shiver ran right down my spine

I pulled your arm through mine

I shut my eyes but still could see

The night I’d whisper tenderly


Fi and Rachel walk up some stairs to get to the roof door.


Your breath is still on my lips

Your tears still on my cheek

Your touch is on my fingertips


Fi and Rachel walk out onto the roof, closing the door behind them.


Your voice still makes me weak

Even now

Even now


Gifts I will never give you


Fi and Rachel start to walk around the roof, searching for any life.


Lives I will never live with you

Words that will never be spoken

The moment I lose you



Fi and Rachel are searching the roof, with clips intertwined with Molly singing in the studio.  Fi yells, “Daddy?”



Love is broken


I didn’t want to love you

I didn’t want to go that deep

I didn’t want a dream come true

Just to lose it while I sleep


Molly looks out into the audience, seeing Fi’s and Rachel’s 2 empty seats.  She closes her eyes and keeps on singing.


Every night I held you tight

Don’t take him from me now

Every day I’d wake and say


Fi and Rachel search the roof some more, almost giving up hope.


I got to keep him one more day


Jack gets into the elevator and presses the “Roof” button, and goes up.


Thank you for this day


Rachel and Fi look at each other.  Rachel shakes her head, and Fi frowns.


Oh thank you for this day


Rachel heads for the door, as Fi takes one more look around.


This is why I had to say

I love you every day


Rachel opens the door and walks in.  Fi follows a little farther behind.


Guitar Solo Begins


After Rachel passes through the doorway, the door slams shut, violently.  Fi runs over, and tries to open it, but to no avail.  Rachel, inside and sensing something wrong, whirls around and also tries to get it open.  Jack arrives and also tries, but has no success either.  On the outside, Fi stops as the wall cracks open, and watches curiously.


Gifts I will never give you

Lives I will never live with you


As the wall opens further, a 3-headed creature comes out, as Fi gasps and begins to back up.


Words that will never be spoken

The moment I lose you



"Fiona!" Jack yells.  Fi runs across the roof, as Jack and Rachel run down the stairs.




Fi stops at the edge of the room and turns around, facing the creature, who has now gotten fully out of the wall.  "Who are you?  And why are you doing this?" Fi screams.  The creature zooms in at Fi, and pushes her over the wall, as it zooms into space.


Love is broken


Fi screams "Help!"  At the TV studio, Molly's eyes get big as she senses Fi's danger.


Instrumental Solo Begins


Fi screams for help as she hangs from the roof.  Jack and Rachel open a window below, and look up, to see Fi hanging from the roof.  They are helpless.  Fi almost slips, but suddenly, a hand comes out and grabs hers, as the music gets happier.  Fi looks up, and asks "Daddy?" because, it is him.  He pulls her up, and they stand face-to-face, as Fi asks "Daddy…is it really you?"  "Yes, baby, it's me," he replies.  She tries to hug him, but goes right through.  When she goes back, she asks, "Daddy…what's happening?  What was that?  Why are you…"  Rick puts his finger on her mouth, and forces a smile.  "Fiona…that creature…the one that pushed you over the roof…he'll be back…within minutes, so I have to hurry."  "What is it, daddy?" Fi asks.  "Fiona…you're on a mission."  Fi gives him a blank stare.


Walking down the hallway

Turning off the lights


"A mission?" Fi asks.


There’s no need to wait up for you


"Yes, baby.  Your mission is, and always has been…to keep Evil from entering our world," Rick says.


It’s time to say goodnight


"What?" Fi asks, not totally understanding.


You know the day you go away

Then I’ll become a ghost


"Fi…I night I died…it was a night that you'll have to finish.  You'll have to…"


Doomed to walk the world without


Suddenly, Fi and Rick look up into the sky.


The one I loved the most


They see the 3-headed creature rushing back from the sky.


The sun will never rise again


"No!" Rick yells, as the creature aims for Fi.


I won’t set eyes on you again


"Daddy!" Fi yells, as Rick shoves her out of the way, and the creature tackles Rick, falling off the edge.


Your breath still on my lips

Your tears still on my cheek


Rachel had turned back inside from the window, and Jack was about to, when feels a blur rush past him, falling to the ground.


Your touch is on my fingertips

Your voice still makes me weak


He looks down, but to see nothing.  He runs in, and they run back upstairs.


Even now

Even now


At the same time, Fi runs to the side and looks down, only to see her father and the creature struggling in midair.


Gifts I will never give you


"Daddy!" Fi yells again.  As they hit the ground, they disappear.


Lives I will never live with you

Words that will never be spoken


Fi yells "NO!!!!!!" as loud as she possibly could.


The moment I lose you



Jack and Rachel open the door and run out to Fi.




"Fiona!  Fi!" they yell, as they see her crying.


Love is broken


"What happened, Fi?" Jack asks, hugging her.




"Jack, could we just leave?" she asks, after a few moments, not answering Jack's question, as Rachel also joins in the hug.


Love is broken


"Sure...let's go, " he says, and they walk off the roof.