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3.1 - Doppelganger



<a guy working on a roof>

Fi: Ever start something that you couldn't finish?  Like, you just didn't have time,

<a clock ticking>

Or you ran out of funds, or something like that.

<man looking in wallet, is is empty>

But what if it was something it you REALLY wanted to finish?

<Rick looking at pictures>

Or something you HAD to finsh?  What if you started something, and you couldn't finish it...because you were no longer living?

<driving down a road at night, then everything turns white(like when the guy died in "James Garr")>


A digital clock turns to "12:00 AM" in the Phillips' kitchen.  Jack is tossing and turning in bed.  He's dreaming something, but it's really blurry and he's not sure what.  He sees a building...a big building.  He focuses and sees it is a castle.  Suddenly, a red glow emits from the castle, and Jack wakes up in a cold sweat, sitting up in bed.  He looks around and pushes his hair back.  He lays back down, but can't go to sleep.

"Hey sleepyhead," Fi jokes, walking out of the kitchen as Jack walks in.  "Hey, baby, you missed breakfast," Molly says.  "Sorry, but I didn't sleep well last night," Jack mumbles.  "Are you alright?" Molly asks, walking over.  "Yeah, I just had this weird dream," Jack says.  "What kind of dream?" Molly asks, walking back over to cook for Jack.  "I dunno...I a castle...and, well, it was weird," he says.  "Well, maybe this will make you feel better," Molly says, putting chocolate chip pancakes on his plate.  "Thanks," he smiles.  "They're your favorite..." Molly muses, and they both share a little laugh.  Fade from Jack's plate... Fi's computer, with a picture of chocolate chip pancakes.  Labeled under the picture is "Daddy loved chocolate chip pancakes."  But Fi's typing in something new.  She clicks "OK" in a window that asked "Insert Picture?"  A picture of a walking stick appears, and Fi types under it "Daddy was on a mission."  She exits the file on her father, and goes to her webpage.  "Let's see if anyone's posted about my new questions..." she says, and clicks on "Let's Talk," then "Message Board."  Suddenly, she hears a door creak.  "Mom?  Are you home?" Fi yells.  Molly and Jack had gone to the store.  "Mom?" Fi asks again, getting up.  She walks to the basement door, and sees it is half open.  "Must be the wind," Fi mumbles, and reaches for the doorknob, but suddenly, a cold hand touches hers, and Fi jumps back.  A ghostly figure appears, looks at Fi, the runs down the basement stairs, slamming the door.  Fi, too scared to do anything, jumps again when she hears the front door slam.  "Fi! We're home!" Molly yells, and Fi runs out to her.  "Mom!  It was a ghost!  It was the door!  And it went down the basement!  And..." Fi starts telling, but Molly stops her.  "Baby, wait!  What are you talking about?" she says.  "I think she's trying to tell you she saw a ghost or something," Jack says, trying not to laugh.  "Jack!" Molly says, then turns back to Fi, "Fi, that's ridiculous!"  "Why mom?  Because daddy did it?  Because it's what killed daddy?" Fi yells back.  Molly stands there for a moment, stunned, glaring at Fi, then says, "I don't want to talk about his," and walks away.  "Great going, noodlehead!" Jack says, then walks out too.  Fi sighs, then stares at the basement door, and then, sarcastically, says, "Thanks alot."

DING DONG!  That evening, Molly answers the door, and it's the Bells. "Irene!" Molly says, and they hug, "Ned!"  Everyone says their 'hellos' and soon, all sit down to eat.  "So, Mrs. P.," Clu says, "Are you going back on tour?"  "Clu!" Irene says, and smacks Clu lightly.  "Hey!" he says, but everyone turns to Molly then.  "Well," she says, putting down her glass, "I don't know.  I don't know...if I'm ready yet," and she looks at Fi.  "Oh, come on Mrs. P.!" Carey says, "You're better than ever! At the Stanley! In New York..." "Stop," Molly says sternly, suddenly then.  "What is it, Moll?" Irene asks.  "I...I don't want to talk about New York," she says.  "Why not, mom?" Jack asks.  "I, just don't!  OK? Leave me alone about it!" she says, and everyone goes on eating, quietly.

That night, Jack has the dream again, but this time, it goes further.  The castle emits the red glow, coming out the windows and sucking everything up in sight.  Next thing he knows, he's inside the castle.  He walks down a hallway(the same one Fi walked down in "Banshee") and comes to the two doors at the end.  He opens them, and a bright light shines(like "Banshee", again).  It gets brighter, and flashes, as Jack finds himself in his room, once more.  Breathing heavily, he grabs his heart, and feels it pounding hard.  Then, Fi walks in and turns on the light.  "Jack, you alright?" she asks.  Jack, shielding his eyes, not ready for the light, says sternly, "Yes, Fiona!  Go back to bed." "Fine, good night," she says and turns the lights off.  She walks out and heads toward her room, but hears a door creaking downstairs.  She cautiously walks downstairs and looks around.  She finds the basement door open again.  But this time, she lets it go and just watches it.  She sees it opening wider, and the ghost appears again.  It runs through the basement door and looks at Fi.  Fi looks back, as the ghost disappears.  "Hey...wait!" she says, but it's gone.  She sighs and shuts the door, and goes back to bed.

"...Dear children of our union, it's time to have the talk.  This may get hard to follow, you'd better get some chalk!..."  "So mom's trying to record again?" Fi asks.  "Yeah.  Now that she's got the album waiting, she's more eager to do it than ever," Irene says.  "Fi! It's so cool!" Clu says.  "What is Clu?" Fi asks.  "Your mom recording!" Clu answers.  Fi laughs, "Clu, it's not the first time you've seen her record!"  "I know, but it's the first time I've seen her do it for her album," Clu explains.  "Oh, I see," Fi smiles.  "Yeah!" Clu says.  "...This is the new math!  Still I think it's a shame how we multiply and divide!..."  "So, honey, do you think she'll go back on tour?" Ned asks Irene.  "I don't know...why ever she doesn't has something to do with NY," Irene says.  "Wonder what..." Ned says.  "Something to do with Fi, but I'm not sure," Irene says.  "What about me?" Fi asks, turning around.  "Don't worry about it, dear," Irene says.  "All right," Fi says and turns back to Molly.  "...Don't worry, it'll be OK.  Though I won't see you every day.  Mommy still loves you, daddy still loves you..."

Later, Jack's in his room listening to music.  He moves, and the earphone jack comes out.  He goes to plug it back in, and when he does, he involuntarily closes his eyes and sees the castle again.  He zooms into it, this time no red glow, and when he reaches it, he flashes back into reality.  He looks around and sees his room.  He shakes his head and tries to forget about it.

Around the same time, Fi's online looking up stuff about the ghost.  She posted a message earlier, and got a few replies, but stuff she already thought of and discarded as possibilities.  Suddenly, "New Message Posted."  She opens up the new reply, and reads what user "0#}3FBr{3t9" has to say:


Have you thought about the possibility of a doppelganger?  Link:  I just thought I'd mention it, maybe worth a lucky shot.


Fi read it, then went to the "People" menu on her browser.  She clicks the "Get User Profile for " 0#}3FBr{3t9"."  "No User Profile Available."  "Darn," Fi says, and clicks on the link.  It opens a "Doppelganger" page, and tells her all about them.  Fi reads, "A doppelganger is a missing piece of a living person.  A part of a person that was left as a void.  For reasons unknown, until the missing piece of the person in reunited with the person themselves, neither can go on to the afterlife."  "Weird," Fi says.  Then it gets her thinking, and goes to "" Clicking on a link titled "Find out a home's history." It loads a page where the address is requested.  Fi types in her address:


1 Mountview Road

Hope Springs, CO 54126


Clicking "Search" brought up her's house's history.  She finds one part interesting:


Built 1975

1st Owner(s) - Ralph(deceased) and Edna Hillman

2nd Owner(s) - Rick(deceased) and Molly Phillips


"1st owners?" Fi reads, "I thought we were the first owners."  She sees another part:


E-mail the owners:

Edna Hillman -

Molly Phillips -


Fi e-mails the first owner, hoping that the address works.


Dear Ms. Hillman,

Hi. My name is Fiona Phillips and I live in your old house, 1 Mountview Road

in Hope Springs, CO.  I was wondering, now this may sound odd, but it isn't.

Did you ever not finish something while living in this house?


Any response would be appreciated.

Thank you



"E-mail Sent."  "Fi? Time for dinner!" Jack yells up.  "OK, coming!" Fi yells back, and looks at her computer.  She sighs and walks out, turning out the light.

Jack keeps having the vision, asleep and awake, and Fi keeps waiting for this Edna to write back.  A few days later, "Yes!" she yells and opens an e-mail from


Dear Fi

Yes, I do believe I lived in that house.  I almost forgot about it, it's been so

long.  And as a matter of fact, there IS something I never finished while

living in that house.  A stairway railing.  I was older even then, and needed

physical support wherever I could get it.  My husband and I tried to add a

railing so I could get down the stairs better, but we never finished.  We

always ran out of money, or supplies, it was always something.  Then

my husband died.  I tried to keep working on the railing, but conditions

were even worse then.  I finally decided to move out.  I currently live with

my daughter and granddaughter.


Thank you for mailing me.  I do not get much electronic mail


Edna Hillman


"Cool...things are starting to come together," Fi smiles.

That night, Fi camps out by the basement door.  Around midnight, a chime rings, and the door creaks.  Fi runs over, and whispers, "Mrs. Hillman?"  The ghost comes through the door, and appears.  "Mrs. Hillman?" Fi asks again.  "What do you want?" the ghost says, with an airy voice.  "I just wanted to tell you...that we live in the house now, and we finished the railing," Fi says, very nervous.  The ghost makes a sound, a sound that comforted Fi.  "Thank you, little girl.  You’ve helped me.  Goodbye," the ghost says.  "Goodbye?" Fi repeats.  "Yes, goodbye," the ghost says, and zips out the open window.  Fi runs to it and sees the ghost flying through the air.  She turns around and sees Molly turning on the light.  "Baby, what are you doing up?" she asks, walking to the window.  "Oh, nothing, I just couldn't sleep," Fi says.  "You too?" Molly says, putting her arms around Fi, rocking.  "Baby," she begins, "I'm not sure what happened in New York, and I'm sorry I've acted this way, but...I just...can't handle everything at once."  "What do you mean?" Fi asks.  "Well, me quitting the tour, cutting the album, you still finding weird stuff..." Molly says.  "Wait...then this is about me?  You worried about me?" Fi asks.  "I don't know..." Molly answers, unsure.  "It is, isn't it!  Mom, music is your life!  Don't give it up!  Don't stop because of me!  I' OK," Fi says.  "But, Fi!  What...what...if something happens?" Molly asks, "I'd never forgive myself for letting me be convinced by you to go back on the road!  No, it's too dangerous."  "Of, what mom?" Fi argues.  Molly sighs, "Fi, I love you.  If I were to lose you...I'd never survive.  You're...part of me."  "Mom...then that part of you is saying 'go back on tour'.  Do it'll be worth it," Fi smiles.  Molly sighs again, more heavily, then smiles too.  "Are you sure?  Are you sure you'll be careful?" she asks.  "Positive," Fi answers. "OK then," Molly smiles and they hug.  As they hug, Molly frowns, thinking of a previous conversation with Rick that went almost exactly like this one.  And now, he's dead.