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3.10 Number Three


*NOTES: I thought I'd better point this out because it's easy to miss. Read the teaser carefully, especially where the clip of Fi and Ryan kissing is placed. It is important for a later part of the series. And the title might be confusing too; the "3" refers to the number of couples of the guys on the tour. Couple #1: Jack and Gabe, Couple #2: Carey and Callie, Couple #3...Clu and Kristen.*



<a young girl(age about 5) drawing a valentine card in a daycare>

Jack: Love is strange, yet wonderful, feeling. But it's more than that. It's a feeling, a bond, a trait, whatever you call it...there is no word for it. So you can't name it...but can you tell what it is?

<Fi and Ryan kissing from "Second Generation">

It's definitely more than just a feeling or something...could it be part of destiny?

<back to the child drawing>

Not that I believe in that or anything...but what if, IF, it's true? Is love just a way of making events happen?

<the girl gives the card to a young boy>

And if so, how far can love go? As far as to change events that happened more than 20 years ago?

<a wedding picture of 2 people resembling the 2 kids from before>


<Nov. 9>Clu and Jack walk around the Silver Springs(?) Mall, goofing off and just hanging out together. As the turn a corner, Clu says, "Woah, there she is man!" "OK, bye," Jack says. "Later," Clu says, and Jack walks away. Clu walks up to a girl looking at clothes on a rack right outside a store. "Hi," he says. She looks up and smiles, "Hi." "I just want to say...I've seen you around..." Clu says. "Really? 'Cause I always notice you around," she says. Clu laughs, then says seriously, "Anyway, I just want to say that you'r...u'r...u', nice looking," he says. She laughs, "Thanks!" "And I was wondering...would to...see a movie or something, sometime?" Clu asks. "Um, sure!" she says. "Really?" Clu asks, astounded. "Yeah," she says. "Sweet! Thanks!" he says and runs off. The girl laughs, shaking her head, and keeps on looking at clothes. A few minutes later, Clu runs back. "You again?" she asks, smiling. "Uh, yeah. I was halfway out when I realized...I don't know your name or number!" Clu says, and she laughs.

Jack looks up from leaning on his car as Clu comes walking out with a big smile on his face. "So? You get it?" he asks. "Yeah, man! I was totally cool!" he says. Jack laughs and they get in the car. "You've been following her forever now! I'm glad we finally did it. She may of thought you were stalking her," Jack says. "Well, it's all good now, no worry," Clu says, leaning his head back. Jack laughs, shaking his head, and starts the car.

"Hey you guys!" Molly says, walking by them, as they walk in the house. "Hey mom," Jack says. "Hey Mrs. P," Clu says. They run upstairs. Molly smiles and walks on. Upstairs, Clu and Jack are in his room, when Carey knocks on the door. "Hey, come on in Carey," Jack says. "So...did you see her?" Carey asks. "Yeah..." Clu says. "And?" Carey asks. "Well I said hi and stuff...and I'm seeing her this Saturday!" Clu says. "Way to go, bro!" Carey says. "Yeah...she's so beautiful," Clu says. "And hot," Jack mumbles. "What'd you say, Jack?" Carey smiles, knowing what he said. "Oh, nothing. Let's go see what's for dinner," Jack says and runs out. The brothers laugh and also run out.

<Nov. 10>"OK, bye honey!" Molly says, waving at the door with Jack, also waving. "Bye mom!" Fi says, getting into a friends car. "See you in a month!" Molly yells. "Yeah!," Fi says. "We'll miss you!" Molly says. "Mom," Jack says. "Alright, alright. Have fun, baby!" Molly yells one last time as the car pulls away. As Molly closes the door and they go inside, Jack mentions to Molly, "I don't believe you're letting her stay with Candy at their resort house in Cali, for two weeks, no guardian! You wouldn't have let me do that!" "Jack, sometimes, you got to let better judgement get you. And besides," Molly says, hugging him as they walk, "They aren't alone. Candy's sister will be there. "Oh, much better. She's only a few years older than Candy!" Jack says. "Jack, I appreicate your concern for your sister, but let it go," Molly says and kisses him on the cheek. She walks out and he smiles a small smile.

Later that day, Clu and the girl are at the mall, arms around each other, just walking around. "So, Kristen, what's your folks like?" Clu asks. "Oh, they're divorced," Kristen says. "Oh, sorry," Clu says. "Oh, no problem. I actually live with my dad in North Dakota, but I'm visiting my mom for the month. She's a band manager," she says. "Really? What band?" Clu asks. "Some weird name...uh, Arco...'Arcology'...yeah, that's it," she says. "Cool," he says, "My brother's in a band." "Really?" she asks. "Yeah, 'Molly Phillips'," Clu says. "Molly sounds familiar," she says. "Maybe your mom just picked it up sometime, since she is in the business," Clu suggests. "Yeah, that's probably it," she says. "Hey, there he is now," Clu says, pointing out Jack and Carey messing around up ahead. They walk up to them and Carey says, "Hey Clu. You must be Kristen." "Yeah," she says, shaking his hand. "And I'm Jack, his friend," he says. "Nice to meet you too," she says shaking his hand. "So..." Clu says, eyeing his friends to 'move along', but they just smile. "Hey, there's my mom now!" she says, looking behind them. "Mom! Hey mom!" she says, going towards her. "Let's go!" Clu laughs, and they follow her. "Mom!" she yells, as they all catch up as Kristen stops. "Mom! I want you to meet some new friends!" she says, and her mother turns around. The three boys gasp.

"Mom, this is Clu, the boy I told you about, and his friends, Carey and Jack," she says. "Really," the lady says, quickly realizing who they are. "Evelyn?" Jack mumbles. "You know her?" Kristen asks. "Yes, honey, that's Molly Phillips know, they lady I told you about..." Evelyn says uneasily. A moment of painful silence, when Evelyn speaks up, "Oh, Jack, Carey, Clu! Nice to see you again!" shaking their hands. "Hi," they all say uneasily too. "So, you know my mom?" Kristen asks. "Uh, yeah!" Clu says. "Cool," she says, not realizing the tension going on. "So..." Evelyn says. "Why don't we go over to Clu's house?" Kristen asks. "Uh, maybe we should be getting home..." Evelyn says. "But mom! Please, if you know Jack's mom, it can't be that out of the way! You even told me you have a clear schedule today!" Kristen says. "OK...OK...we'll go," Evelyn says. "Yes!" Kristen says. The three boys just look at each other, wondering of the disaster ahead.

Two cars pull in front of the Phillip's household, and 5 figures walk up to the door. Jack opens it and they all walk in. "Hi honey!" Molly says, "Clu, Carey..." Molly's cheerful tone drops, "Evelyn?" "Molly!, see you again!" Evelyn says, too cheerfully, hugging her. "Evelyn, what are you doing here?" Molly asks. "Oh, it turns out your friend here is dating my daughter," Evelyn says. "Your...daughter. I never knew you had one Evelyn," Molly says. "Oh yeah. A short marriage, lasted only a few months," Evelyn says. "Uh...maybe we better go upstairs," Clu says. "Good idea," Jack says and the four run up. "Wow...what a coincidence," Molly says. "Yes, isn't it?" Evelyn says, "Now why don't you say that we just sit down a remember old times, huh?" "Old times? Evelyn, I don't remember any good old times with you," Molly says. "Thank you Molly," Evelyn says with attitude.

"'s weird our moms know each other," Kristen says. "Not just his. Mine too," Clu says. "She knows your mom too?" Kristen asks. "Yeah. She's Molly's manager," Clu says. " I'm confused," Kristen says. "Here, let me tell you. My mom and my dad were kinda famous in the 70's, 80's in their band. Your mom almost was their manager, but for some reason, chose Irene, Clu's mom," Jack explains. "So, what? Your mom doesn't like my mom?" Kristen asks. "Sorry. I don't think so," Clu says. "Oh, that's alright. I know my mother can be...very...fancy-free sometimes," Kristen says. "Man I'm starved," Clu says out of nowhere. Kristen laughs, then says, "I guess I am too." "Great, let's go," Carey says. Kristen runs out, but Clu whispers to Jack and Carey, "Uh, since it supposed to be a date, could I be alone?" "Oh, gotcha," Jack smiles. "Hey," Clu says and runs out.

Clu sees Kristen standing on top of the stairway. "Hey, go on down. It's not that hard to..." Clu says, but sees the sad and scared face on her, "What's wrong?" "My mom...and Molly...are...fighting," she says. "What?" Clu asks, but not too soon, he sees what she meant. Evelyn comes storming into the entrance room with Molly following her, yelling "Why, Evelyn, why??" Clu and Kristen watch them as they fight, not knowing what it is about. Eventually, Evelyn just leaves Molly walking up the stairs, but stops when she sees Clu and Kristen standing there. " long were you standing there?" Evelyn asks. "Long enough. Let's go mom," Kristen says, kissing Clu on the cheek, then brushing past her mother and storms out. "I see temper runs in the family," Molly says. Evelyn goes "Huh!" and also storms out. Molly growls and leaves the room too.

That night, Jack and Molly are sitting in the living room together. "So I heard you fought with Evelyn again today," he mentions. "Yeah, so?" Molly asks. "What was it this time?" he asks. She sighs, and says, "Remember on the subway?" "How can we forget?" Jack smiles. Molly laughs, "Yeah, well...what could I do...anyway, remember when we heard my ad for Econo Cleaner?" "Yeah," Jack says. "Well, I didn't realize it until I told Irene...actually she reminded me about it...we took it off the radio waves in 1998, when I went back on tour. So it turns out Evelyn hired someone to imitate my voice and sing the same jingle. They made money, and so did Evelyn, even though I copyrighted it," Molly says. "So...what are you going to do?" Jack asks. "I don't know...Irene said not to worry about it...not to do anything...but I want bad," Molly says. "Well, you'll think of something," Jack says, "I'm going to bed." "Good night, honey," Molly says, kissing him, and he runs up the stairs.

<Nov. 22>"Mom, you gotta stop this fighting! Come on, it started before Jack was even born!" Fi says in a beach house, the beach seen out the window behind her. Back home, Molly says, "Baby, it's your last day there. Enjoy it! So, is it cold?" Fi laughs, "No, it's OK. You like to change subjects!" Molly laughs too, "I know...I'm just...sick of it. She keeps coming over here to pick up Kristen, and everytime she starts fighting again." "'s been two weeks of that?" Fi asks. "Yeah!" Molly answers. "Well, I'll be home soon. Just don't worry about it, OK?" Fi says. "Thank you mom!" Molly smiles. "Ha ha, funny. OK, bye," Fi says. "See ya baby," Molly says and hangs up the phone. DING DONG! Molly grunts and opens the door to see Evelyn. "She's upstairs," Molly mumbles. Evelyn gets halfway up the stairs when she turns around and asks Molly, "Why doesn't Clu go to his own house?" "I don't know. Ask him!" Molly yells. Evelyn walks back down to start yet, another, fight.

Upstairs, in Jack's room, Clu and Kristen are alone, sitting on Jack's bed. "I don't know what I'd do without you," she says. Listening to the downstairs battle, Clu says, "Me either. It seems just too perfect...for us to be together." "I know...I feel it too," Kristen says. "Weird, huh?" she laughs. "Yeah," he laughs back. They turn to look at each other. Peering into each other's eyes, and kiss. After a few long moments, the door slams open, and the two quickly move away from each other. "We're going Kristen! Let's go!" Evelyn yells, and storms out. Kristen and Clu look at each other...and the Kristen storms out. Clu, confused, runs after her. Kristen reaches the top of the stairs as she sees her mother walking out. "Mom! Wait!" she yells, and Evelyn turns around. "What is it?" she asks. "I'm not leaving," Kristen says. "Yes, you are!" Evelyn says. "No! Mom! It's stupid! Jack and Clu and Carey...they all care about each other! They care about me, someone they don't even really know! You and Molly have been fighting for over 20 years now, I hear. Let it go!" Kristen says. " could you...say such a thing?" Evelyn asks, sounding hurt. "Mom...please...think about it. Tell Molly the truth about that ad!" Kristen says. Molly, who was leaning against the doorpost leading to the dining room looks up. "You know about that?" Molly asks. "Yeah...I knew more than I was telling. I was...just so scared...and surprised when I learned who Clu and Jack were," Kristen says. "What about it?" Molly asks. "Mom?" Kristen says. Evelyn sighs, "OK, Moll, I'll be straight with you. I...still don't know why you chose Irene as your manager, but this had nothing to do with it. I...went into jingles...on my own. I didn't want to copy you, and I wasn't trying. And for this, I didn't know it was your jingle. Someone brought it to me, saying they wrote it. I liked it...and thought it would go good to your voice. So I tried to find someone that had a voice like yours. I swear, I didn't know you did it. When I found out, I was scared. Scared of what you would I didn't mention it." "Is that the truth?" Molly asks. She looks past Evelyn at Kristen, and she nods her head. "Evelyn...I...I'm so sorry...I'm stunned," Molly says. "No, it's alright. I deseved it," Evelyn says. "No, you didn't," Molly says, putting her arm around her. "So...what now?" Evelyn smiles. Molly smiles too.

"Turkey's ready!" Molly says. "Oh, good! Mmm!" everyone says at the table. Molly sets the turkey down and sits at the head of the table, looking out at Fi, Jack, Irene, Ned, Clu, Carey, Kristen, and Evelyn. "Evelyn?" Molly asks. "Oh, yes," Evelyn says and stands up to carve the bird. She does, as everyone claps and cheers. Later at this Thanksgiving dinner. "This is so good. I know, isn't it?" everyone talks at the table, having a good time. When everyone seems to be slowing down, Molly stands up, and proposes a toast. "This is for everyone, old friends and new, whether we've gotten along in the past, if we haven't, it doesn't matter. We all gathered here today for one reason and one reason give each other, and that we keep giving thanks to each other in the coming years." Everyone drinks up.