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3.14 – Ready



<Camera panning around space, with many stars visable>

Fi: Space...we call it an endless expense...or is it?  Many scientists think that space DOES end.  Just like light, it spreads over a certain distance, then stops.

<a small light, turned on, in an empty, dark room>

But where does it stop?  And how would we know where it stops?  Another theory is that black holes are portals to the end of space.  And that leads to another question, is there more than just our space?

<back to the stars>

And what about universes?  Get's pretty how will we find out?  We want to know now, but we can't do ourselves.

<one star zips off the edge of the screen>


          The Molly Phillips tour bus pulls in front of a house at night.  Molly, Fi, Jack, Irene, Ned, and Carey all walk off to the front door, with Molly ringing the doorbell.  "Wow...his house is really big," Irene says.  "Yeah...Will got a really nice retirement plan," Molly says.  "I wonder if Grandma Valerie is going to be here?" Fi asks.  "Well, if she isn't, don't ask baby, OK?" Molly says.  "Yeah, sure, mom," Fi says, and Molly hugs her.  Then the door opens, and an man around his 60's is there.  "Will!" Molly says, and hugs him.  "Hi Molly," he says, hugging back, "Come on in, OK?"  They walk in and they see people in all the rooms.  "This is a big party here, Grandpa," Jack says.  "Jack, my boy!" he says, shaking his hands, then hugging him, "And Fi!  How much you've grown!"  "Will, remember, these are the Bell's, Ned, Irene, and Carey," Molly says.  "Of, course, how could I forget," he says, also hugging them, "Well, make yourselves at home, and have fun!"  They walk off in different directions.

          "Aunt Rachel!" Fi says, as she turns around.  "Fi!" she says, hugging her, "How are you?"  "I'm great, Aunt Rachel," Fi says.  On the other side of the room, Jack and Carey are talking to Aunt Melinda.  "So, Jack, this is your friend...Carey, right?" Melinda asks.  "Yeah, Carey Bell," Jack says.  "Nice to meet you again, Carey," Melinda says, shaking hands with him.  In another room, Molly is at a refreshment table talking to Will.  " are the kids?" Will asks.  "They're great," Molly says.  "And the tour?" Will continues.  "It's great too...I've got a record deal," Molly smiles.  "Do you?" Will says.  "Yeah," Molly says.  "That's great," Will says, hugging her, "Same label?"  "Yeah...but no Rick or John this time," Molly says.  "Ah...Rick...I'm still sorry, Molly," Will says.  " too," Molly says.  Carey has gone on with his parents to talk to some people, and Jack stayed with Aunt Melinda.  "So, how was your Christmas?" Melinda asks him.  "It was good...we had the Bells over...really nice," Jack says.  "That's good...Ron and I...and the twins...AND the next one," Melinda laughs, as Jack does too, "All sat down to eat a great meal.  I sat there, and everyone else did everything!"  They laugh again.  "So, when are you...expecting?" Jack asks.  Melinda pats her stomach, and answers, "In June.  I'm about four months into it."  "Do you have a name yet?" Jack asks.  Melinda says, "You're just like your father...never gets tired of asking questions!" and they both laugh again.

          "And the countdown is down to 10 minutes..." Dick Clark says, as every one watches the TV.  "It's the real millenium, everybody!" someone yells.  "I think I...ate too much," Carey says, and burps.  Everyone looks at him.  "Sorry...excuse me," he looks down, and everyone smiles.  Time passes..."Here we go...19 seconds," Dick Clark says.  Molly, standing behind Fi, puts her arms around her, as they begin the countdown and the ball begins to drop.  "" everyone yells.  But instantly, they are silent.  They are still.  They seem to be frozen in time.  Everyone...but Fi.  She looks around, horrified.  No one moves, breathes, or does anything else.  On TV, the image is frozen.  "Woah..." she says, and slides out of Molly's arms.  "Hello?  Anybody?  Jack?  Mom??" Fi says, panicky.  She runs outside.  A bright light hovers in front of the door.  Fi shields her eyes.  After a blink, she finds herself in outerspace, surrounded by stars.  "What??" she thinks.  Something, some weird force, flies her around.  Then she turns around to see planet Earth, much like the shot of the "Another World" cover.  She starts to zoom into it, fly toward it.  Another flash, after which Fi opens her eyes and sees a hand reaching out to her from the middle of darkness.  She reaches out too, and touches the hand, quickly retracting hers, as she sees and feels it is not a normal hand.  The other hand is still reached out.  In it, an image of Rick's head appears.  It swivels around, then disappears, as the surrounding environment slowly fades back into Will's house.  Fi looks around, and sees that everyone is still frozen.  She faces forward again, and sees the arm is still there.  She slowly approaches, but steps back when she sees the rest of the body appear from the arm.  It speaks, but in a foreign tongue.  Fi looks at it...and realizes it is an alien.  Excited, she says, "What?  I don't understand you.  Do you speak English?"  It nods, and touches her forehead.  Fi has flashbacks to Andrew from "Roswell"...and his alien translator.  "Oh yeah, hold on!" Fi says, and runs out to the bus.  She runs into her room, and gets a box off the top of a bookshelf.  She opens it and dumps its contents on her bed.  She roots through them, and finds the translator.  She runs back into the house, and places it on a table.  "I am Fi," she says.  The translator makes some sounds.  Then the alien makes some sounds, and the translator says, "Me are...#*F3%H$."  "Oh, no, it's not working!" Fi says.  The alien responds, "Do no worried.  That I name.  En English, that be...Dubiosque."  "You sound funny..." Fi says.  "Translator...old model...willn't no work perfect-y.  Don't not worri," it says.  "Oh...then, I guess..." Fi is at a loss of words.  "Helo Fiona Philips...allow meself to formaly introduce mysef.  I are Dubiosque.  I am here to prepar yous," he says.  "Prepar yous...prepare you!  Prepare me?  Prepare me for what?" Fi says.  "For you battle," he says.  "Battle?" Fi asks.  "Battle...fight, whatever you want t- call it.  We has tried to contact you before," he says.  "Before?" Fi asks again, confused.  "Yes...think Oaklahoma...memory loss," he says.  "Right...the electricity was out...and the town had amnesia...and...I saw a UFO fly away!" Fi says, excitedly<CLIPS OF "MEMORY">.  "Yes...that was us.  But we crash and be we erase town memory and leave.  To riskky," he says, "We tried again during the benefit with you friend's one-st performance," he points to Carey.  "Right...the crop circles," Fi remembers<CLIPS OF "LISTEN>.  "We did spoke to yous telepathically.  We alter wheat, they harvest, you eat.  You hear us," he says.  "You told me to...listen," Fi says.  "Yes...listen for us.  Next, we see you in Roswell..." he tells.  "When?" Fi asks, trying to remember, but can't<CLIPS OF "ROSWELL">.  "Do no asleep.  We see you got translator," Dubiosque says, pointing to it, "And say you are almost ready.  Your mom also have dream about father."  "Daddy?" Fi asks.  "Yes..." Dubiosque says.  He has almost no facial features, but Fi sees a warm expression come over his face.  "What about...preparing me...and saying I was almost ready?" Fi asks.  "Fiona, I am, like youself, a teenager alien.  I lost a parent to.  That is what make me you alien-connection.  And since I live life lik- you, I am here to make you ready...for your fight," he says.  "What fight is this, again?" Fi asks.  "Let me tell you story.  Fiona, on every planet with sentient life on it in your universe, what you call Milky Way, Evil is taking over," he says.  "Evil?" Fi asks.  "Yes, Evil.  Pure Evil.  It is invading your universe...and you am the destined leader to fight them," he says.  "What?  Me?" Fi asks, stunned.  "You," he says, pointing to her, “You will take he place.”  “Who?  Who’s he?” Fi asks, but suddenly, hears a high pitched squeal.  She covers her ears, as the alien makes some sounds.  The translator just copies them.  "What...what was that?" Fi asks.  "Fiona Phillips...I must go now.  Our expanded time has ended.  I take my leave," he says.  "Expanded time?" Fi asks.  " see, I did no really stop time.  I jus' strech out that last second util midnight.  When then second ends, everything return to normal, and they musnot se me.  Goodbye," he says.  "Wait...what if I want to contact you?" Fi yells as a light becomes brighter outside the window.  He points at a coffee table, and Fi's laptop appears.  "Web browser...upgrade!" he says, and in a flash, disappears, as does the light, and everyone yells "ZERO!  Happy new year!!"  Fi looks out the window, but not seeing the light.  She walks over to her laptop as everyone else celebrates.  She reads softly, "The Star.Dot.Star...Universal Gateway," she smiles reading the last part.  "Fi!  Come on, get a hat!" Jack says, tossing one to her.  "Yeah, baby, it's 2001!" Molly says.  Fi smiles and walks over, putting on her hat.  Will comes out with glasses for everyone and champange(sparkling grape juice for the minors!).  He gives everyone a glass and he and Molly start pouring.  Carey comes over and celebrates with Jack and Fi, and everyone all around is having a good time.<SLOW CLIPS OF THE PARTY LIKE END OF "FOUNTAIN", FOCUS ESP. ON FI>

          "Goodbye!" everyone says, as they walk out the door.  "'s cold," Carey says, wrapping his arms around himself.  "I told you, you need a coat!" Ned says.  "Wait...I just's Clu's birthday!" Irene says, stopping in her tracks.  "Well, pull out your cell phone!" Molly says.  Irene does, and dials Clu's number.<NOTE: WE DON'T SEE CLU>  "Clu, hey, it's your mom!" Irene says.  "Yeah, yeah, we just wanted to say happy birthday!  What?  You did?  That's great honey!  Here, your dad wants to talk to you," she hands the phone to Ned.  "Hi son!  Yeah..."  "This was one crazy new years, wasn't it, sis?" Jack asks Fi, waiting to talk to Clu.  "You don't know how crazy," Fi says.  "What?" Jack asks.  "Let me ask you something Jack," Fi requests, "Between saying 'One' and "Zero!' tonight, did you feel anything?"  Jack looks at her weird, "No...why...?"  "Oh, no reason," Fi says.  "Yeah, I know it's your mother's birthday in 4 days!  Yeah, January 4th!" Molly says, "OK, Clu, here's Jack.  Happy Birthday!"  Jack takes the phone and talks.  "Come on, let's get on the bus!" Carey says, and they all climb on as Jack talks.  "Hey bro!" Carey says, once on the bus, "Yeah, we all miss you, don't we guys?" he asks, and everyone says "yeah!"  As Carey continues to talk to his brother, Fi looks out the window at the stars.  She thinks she sees one moving, but she blinks, and passes it off as nothing.

          That moving star was none other than Duboisque's UFO.  On it, he and another alien are working on a very advanced computer.  They make noises at each other as they press buttons.  Dubiosque presses a red button that blinks, then on a screen, a picture of Fi appears.  He presses on it, and a green checkmark appears on it.  They make some more sounds and we zoom out a window, and see the spaceship flying through space, then slowly fade into the distance.