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NEWS: 3-23-2002

·        Loop” has been released, and “Believe” is coming soon...and it’s a GOOD one!

·        Still no updates for Upcoming Episodes.  Sorry, but sometimes it’s just not worth the effort to make a whole new list every time for, like, 20-some episodes.

· seems to be gone. L  Will it be back?  Doesn’t look like it…

·         Tell me any comments!

·         There are no more new episodes of So Weird!

·         So Weird IS OVER WITH!! It wasn’t cancelled because Disney Channel only makes 65 episodes of all of their original series.  It’s their policy.

·         This message is in dedication for Tuesday’s(9-11-2001) tragedy.  It was a true loss to the USA (I put that cuz not everyone who visits here is from the US).  It is a mournful event that won’t be forgotten for a long time.  I offer condolences to all those who suffer in any way from it(those who died, those who had a friend or loved one that died, but everyone in general).  Hopefully, everyone can move on…

·         "The River” aired on Friday, September 28. If you miss it, check out it’s page.

·         Sorry everything’s a day late!  The next story is out, especially for St. Patrick’s Day!  It’s called “Leprechaun,” and the next one is “Loop.”

·         “Link” is the newest episode out!  Read it, and check out the ad for the next episode “Leprechaun,” a St. Patrick’s Day special, coming on March 9!

·         Make Your Own So Weird Story has been updated, but just the look (the story is the same)

·         “Sunshine” has been released!  Don’t forget to read it and read the ad for the next episode “Link”!

·         The next Season 3 story is out, “Tennial”!  Read it, comment on it, and then read the ad for the next episode, “Sunshine”!

·         HAPPY NEW YEAR!

·         Happy Holidays everyone! (Late Christmas!) The next story is out, “Ready,” and check out the ad for the next story “Tennial”.  Also, a BIG update.  Sorry, Upcoming Episodes STILL not updated, but other things ARE!  Lots of updates, be sure to check every page, as well as the new page “Make Your Own So Weird Story”!  Check it out and tell me what you think about it!

·         The next season 3 fan-fiction is out!  Read ‘Avatar” today and check out the ad for “Ready,” the next ep., and it’s a BIG one!  Also, current projects updated.

·         “The Light” has been released!  Read it and the ad for the next episode “Avatar.”

·         The next season 3 episode is out!  Read “Of Muintir,” the 11th episode.  And don’t forget the ad for the next episode “The Light”.  Lyrics have been updated too for “Different Story”.  Also, two new links!  Check out their great sites!

·          “Number Three” has been released!  And don’t forget to check out the ad for the next episode “Of Muintir”!  New links too!

·         The next episode of season 3 is posted, “Transit”!  Don’t forget to read the ad for the next episode, “Number Three”!  The videos are up and here to stay!  Check them out at the Sounds page!  Upcoming episode may be neglected a little from now on.  Sorry.  Otherwise, keep the spirit of So Weird alive!

·         Sorry, more video problems!  Please be patient as I work out problems with the server.  See the new links, as well as this week’s episode “Ladder”!  And see the ad for the next ep, “Transit.”  Note this will not come out until November 2.

·         The videos are FINALLY up, all links hopefully working.  The page has also gone to two pages, and a whole new format.  Check out the new Phillips-Kane Band history section, and this week’s episode “Race!”  And don’t forget to check out the ad for the next ep, “Ladder!”

·         This update has the lyrics section totally updated, with new songs, revised old versions, and more!  Don’t forget to read this week’s episode, “Batting Cage!”  And don’t forget, also, to check out the ad for the next episode “Race!”

·         And a big update…VIDEOS OF THE SO WEIRD SONGS!  I have made (and still am) making videos of all the So Weird songs, and first ones start going up today!  Check out the Sounds section to see the whole selection to come.

·         Sorry for the delay! It’s one week late, but it’s the last time it will happen.  Hey, you get two new episodes at once this way!  The reason was I backed up an OLD version of the page over the new one, and I had to do everything from scratch!  But it’s back up.  If you find anything wrong, please tell me!

·         The last original episode of So Weird was postponed to the 28th!! L Oh, well.  We still have the original season 3!  “Version 4.52” comes out today, as well as “Sisters!”  So don’t forget to check the ad for the next episode “Batting Cage.”  Also, check out the new sections on the CD, movie, and current projects!  As well as the schedule for October and other updates.

·         Hey everyone!  A smaller update this time.  The next season 3 episode fanfic is up, “Translucent!”  Don’t forget to check out the ad for the next ep, “Version 4.52”!  Other, smaller details have also been changed in season 2 AND season 3 fanfics, so check them out again.  OK, that’s it!

·         Season 3 episode 2, “Move,” is online!  Don’t forget to check out the 3rd episode ad for “Translucent!”  Check out the new links, and who caught today’s new episode “Annie’s Song?”  Also, updates to the site will come with every new “Season 3” episode fan-fic for the next year.  And the fan fiction season 2 has been updated to be more accurate, with the “original ending of Twin” updated to have the original arrangement of “Love is Broken”!  And more MIDI’s of the songs are coming, hopefully!  Mostly because, we have gotten more chords for the songs!  Check them out HERE musicians!


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